Aqua Modelling Engine

Modeling Suite that provides access to both Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised) and traditional modeling techniques with the ability to test, analyze, and benchmark model output. Intuitive workflow and UI allows analysts to work without requiring any Python or R expertise.

Nimble NLP Engine

NLP engine that simplifies text data problems across different languages to generate actionable insights and outcomes. Facilitates working across 50+ languages, runs analytics (sentiment, relevance, source credibility, name matching, etc.) and automates summarization of information and news.

Sqall Data Parser

Robust, scalable, and easily integrable ML-based utility to crawl, crape, parde, an extract web indices and text data from different source in business-approriate format.

Triad Auto Text Generator

NLG engine that allows you to define data description to generate multiple versions of those description varying in wording and structure. A state-of-the-art propriety technology enabling data storytelling in the form of a human narrator.